Why Are You Still Changing Your Oil Every 3000 Miles?

We at Hamilton Big Country Ford Inc in noticed that a lot of car owners are still following the popular myth that is believed by millions of car owners. Here is the deal. You should stop spending your money on oil changes every 3000 miles. It is totally unnecessary. Oil and engine technology has changed vastly over the last few decades. Now, modern vehicles are able to go 7,500 miles or more before requiring an oil change.

Did you know that changing the oil too frequently is a waste of money and bad for the environment? Instead, check your oil manually to determine, if it is time for an oil change or takes a look at your car's owner’s manual for more information.

Certainly, your car requires a clean engine to perform efficiently. Oil changes are an important part of overall car maintenance. Bring your vehicle to our dealership in Clovis, NM for more information, servicing, or the next time an oil change is required.

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