Why Are Your Tires So Important?

There is a wide range of differing road conditions, and each one of them has a tire type that's been carefully crafted to ensure the best possible performance for your car.

  • For dry regions the Extreme Performance Summer Passenger tire is the ticket. These tires provide maximum control and traction on dry pavement.
  • Grand Touring Summer tires give you the best of both worlds of wet and dry road conditions by providing comfortable traction and control on either condition.
  • When winter sets in and the temperature drops, there are specialized tires for even the worst of road conditions. A good winter tire with thick tread is your best bet, providing optimal traction on even the iciest roads.
  • All-Weather tires are studless and till provide a good blend of traction, control and stability on the slippery roads.

For more information about the tire types available, come on down to Hamilton Ford in Clovis, NM. Our service center has experience with tires and can help you determine the best tires for your area, your car, and your life.

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