Don't Get Left on the Side of the Road

There is nothing worse than a breakdown. There is never a right time; although, you might consider yourself lucky should your vehicle quit in your driveway, either after you have returned home or before you leave, but that is a small consolation when your day has zero chance of turning out how you had envisioned.

The fact of the matter is that vehicles break down from time to time, and even a high-quality car will have needs eventually. Nothing lasts forever, but you can improve your car's longevity in a big way simply by following the recommended service guidelines for fluid changes, tire maintenance, and other things such as windshield wipers, vehicle lights, and brakes.

Every automaker has its own recommended maintenance schedules, and it is definitely in your best interest to know what they are and follow the company's advice. In addition, some warranties may depend on it. Many things can go wrong and leave you stranded that can be avoided by simple preventative maintenance; for example, replacing worn plugs and wires.

Read your owner's manual, know what the recommended maintenance is, and bring it into your Hamilton Ford at the proper time to keep you on the road again.
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