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What makes a truck embody greatness? Is it superior capability? How about extreme toughness and durability? Perhaps the greatest trucks are those that offer plenty of hauling and towing capabilities and can traverse through mud, sand, snow, and more, with ease, taking a beating. Or maybe the best trucks are those that combine the ultimate in luxurious motoring with an array of available safety features and technologies in addition to being off-road-ready and ready for the job, whatever that may be.

Ford Heritage

Henry Ford revolutionized the "horseless carriage", (aka automotive) industry when in 1913 he developed the assembly line system. The automobile age began, and American culture and life was changed forever that year. The pickup truck is practically as old as the first widely-available motorcar, the Ford Model T. In fact, people needing work trucks devised a revised model T, which led to Ford releasing the "Model T Runabout with Pickup Body" in 1925. Years later, in 1948, it released the first F-Series Pickup truck. The Ford F-series line, then, really traces back to the Ford model T, which in turn traces its roots back to the birth of American motoring as we know it. Popular for over fifty years, the F-Series has captured the hearts of many an American - and for good reason. Each Ford F-Series generation has sported rugged good looks, toughness, and amazing capability.

All New 2018 Ford F-150

The new 2018 Ford F-150 is no exception to the years of innovation that have brought Ford success in the past. Won't you come by Hamilton Big Country Ford and find out for yourself what makes this new F-150 especially amazing? Our sales team is standing by, ready to assist you however possible.

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