Exhaust Leaks: Serious Business

The exhaust system is more than just the tailpipe. It involves the muffler, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, and the resonator. The system’s function is to remove harmful fumes from the engine and safely disperse them out into the air.

If any of the components fail, the fumes can back up into the interior of the automobile. These fumes are fatal. The gas is odorless, so it is not something you can detect. Some signs there are leaks are a new vibration in the steering wheel and pedals. New high-pitched whistling sounds can start emanating from the engine or tailpipe. A restriction will cause this noise.

The motor has to work harder when the exhaust system fails. If you notice more trips to the pump, it is a possible sign of leaks.

Changes in gas consumption, new vibrations, and unusual sounds are signals that something is changing. An exhaust leak is dangerous. Contact our service department here at Hamilton Ford conveniently located in Clovis, NM to set up an inspection appointment today.

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