When Two Differentials are Better than One

Different Differential Setups for Different Types of Drives

The standard two-wheel drive has one differential that divides the torque power it receives from the transmission and delivers the power to the wheels as needed to allow turning. The outside wheels travel a longer distance at a faster speed. The differential gears allow for that difference in torque usage.

In a four-wheel drive, both the front and the rear axles have a differential to divide power between tires. Four-wheel drives are meant for off-road applications where mud, rock, or streams may cause slippage of one tire or another. The differentials divert power to the wheels that hold traction allowing the vehicle to move forward through the slippery terrain. However, using the four-wheel drive on a cement driveway brings a stiff drive feel. Hence, most modern four-wheel drive vehicles can slip between four-wheel and two-wheel drive.

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