The Ford Edge Is Family-Friendly

If you are in the market for an affordable, attractive and family-friendly SUV, then the Ford Edge is the SUV for you. This mid-size SUV is rated as the top choice for two-row SUVs for families by U.S.News because of across-the-board high rankings for family-friendly features. All this can be had for a very affordable price too.

The Ford Edge is not only comfortable, but it also has a stylish and handy interior. High-quality premium materials are present throughout the cabin area, and there are many areas to store small items. A panoramic Vista Roof has a large forward panel that can either tilt up or open fully and a fixed skylight in the rear. Ambient lighting effects are provided by seven different LED color features that are standard on the Titanium and Sport models.

We here at Hamilton Ford are always ready to talk about our popular Ford Edge SUVs. Come in and take one out for test drive around Clovis, and you will agree with the high accolades this SUV has garnered.

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