The Benefits of Keeping Your Vehicle Washed

How often should you wash your car? What are the benefits of keeping your car clean? If you're wondering why and how often you should wash your car, read on for some helpful tips from your car experts at Hamilton Ford in Clovis, NM.

There are many advantages to keeping your car clean. It will help prevent exterior damage from your protective coat, and dirt that's left on a car can lead to scratches. It also enhances safety when you keep your car clean by preventing bug splatter and dirt from hindering your view of the road ahead. Another reason to keep your car washed regularly is to help protect its resale/trade-in value.

You can wash your car a few times a month if you live where the weather is mostly mild and you typically park your vehicle in a garage. If you have a long weekly commute, get frequent tree sap or bug splatter on your vehicle, or live in an area that's rainy or excessively hot, then you may want to wash your car once a week.

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