Utilizing Programs to Make Communicating Easier When Driving

When you use Android Auto in your vehicle, it's like you're linked to Google Assistant at all times. Android Auto offers several features including messaging, maps, and viewing the weather for the area where you're traveling. You're able to focus on the road when using the service instead of taking your hands off the steering wheel, keeping your family safe while you're driving in Clovis, NM.

If you want to converse with your assistant, all you need to do is tap one of the icons instead of pushing a button. You'll be able to ask questions about your schedule and communicate with your contacts if you need to make a call.

With Android Auto, you can view details about the roads including any traffic accidents or construction that could be delaying your trip. Waze is a feature that you can use with Android Auto as well. Hamilton Ford can assist with installing programs and ensuring that you know how to use them in your vehicle.

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