The Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Options

Sedans remain a popular choice among vehicle owners who enjoy the comfort and space of the car choice. However, the Ford Fusion Hybrid also offers economy. The hybrid too is available in a number of trim options. Choose your favorite when visiting our Clovis, NM Hamilton Ford facility. Embark on a test drive and experience the appeal of the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid SE has an aerodynamic profile that combines smooth curves with dramatically sculpted lines. Chrome creates the front grille, lower vents, window surrounds and Ford badge. The model features automatic high beam headlights and a rearview camera. Blind spot and lane keeping technologies are also standard.

The SEL Fusion Hybrid offers the choice between three different metallic clear coats that accentuate the body color. Chrome and black accents add to the overall appeal. The headlights, taillights and daytime running lights are powered by efficient LED bulbs.

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