The Versatile Features of the 2019 Ford Transit Connect

Regardless of the type of driving you do around Clovis, NM, the 2019 Ford Transit Connect can allow you to transport passengers and cargo. The Transit Connect is highly versatile and comes in many makes and models to suit the individual needs of drivers.

Hamilton Ford can show you the difference between the long- and short-wheelbase options and help you decide which is better for your driving habits. The shorter wheelbase is easy to drive in tight confines and will maneuver easily into and out of parking spots. It will also hold five passengers. The long wheelbase will let you transport up to seven people.

The Ford Transit Connect can be equipped with a Trailer Tow Prep Package. This will let you tow up to 2,000 pounds without problem. Whether you need to tow a trailer of passenger luggage or a small RV for camping, the Transit Connect is ready.

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