Embrace Powerful Design with the Ford Ranger

At Hamilton Ford, our experienced team knows that design is more than just aesthetics — it can also have an effect on performance. If you feel the same, we're proud to suggest the Ford Ranger, a new midsize pickup truck. Built with the perfect combination of design and power, this truck is a great option for drivers who love to get things done.

With its wide grill opening, the Ranger makes a powerful first impression. This, plus the rounded arches around the wheels, does more than make a visual impact — it also helps improve aerodynamics.

As soon as you slip into the Ford Ranger, you'll notice the quiet cabin. That's due in part to the design of the hood. With its twin power dome shape, the hood functions in tandem with the low-angle front windshield to cut the effects of wind noise. Feel the effect on a test drive in Clovis, NM.

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