Customize Your Capabiity with the Ford Explorer

Some drivers by a Ford Explorer because they need a large SUV that will transport everyone in the family as well as their gear. Others come to Hamilton Ford because they need a vehicle that will take them on their vacation adventures. Whatever your need is, the Explorer will fill the bill.

The Explorer gives you a range of options to fit your needs, including a new rear-wheel-drive that gives you a sportier design along with better off-road capabilities. You can even tow more, up to 5,600 lbs. when properly equipped. Towing and trailer sway control will keep you safe on the highway.

Intelligent four-wheel drive with terrain management is one of the most popular options. This system will allow you to tackle any situation that comes your way as it includes up to seven selectable drive modes. You'll even get enhanced control on your daily commute.

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