Many people who are looking for a pickup truck decide to get a Ford F-150. They like the fact that the truck has a high-strength steel frame. They also like the fact that the Ford F-150 comes with the latest technology features. This vehicle has FordPass Connect. You use this along with the FordPass app.

You will be able to start, stop, unlock, and lock your vehicle by using your FordPass. This truck also has an 8-inch productivity screen. All of the important information that you need to see will be right in front of you. This includes things such as truck info, towing as well as the trip/fuel. You will also be able to access the screens that you use the most often. Furthermore, you will have information about towing data and fuel economy.

You can see and try out the technology features when you test drive the vehicle. Make a trip to our dealership today.

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